denise_001I’m Denise Lang and I want to be your new voice for New Mexico’s House of Representatives District 51. I’m the daughter of an Air Force officer, was married to a Vietnam veteran and am most grateful to be a mother and grandmother. I moved to Otero County 40 years ago. in 1983 I received my degree in accounting from NMSU.I’m asking for your vote because this county needs a new voice.

We need a voice that will speak fairly for the people of Otero County. Having spoken with many of you, I can say that the people of Otero support well-paying job creation in innovative industries. We want to improve the quality of our public schools and we want to protect our public lands.

We want our children to be able to find work that pays a living wage so they can remain in our state. Help me be your voice for Otero and vote Denise Lang, for New Mexico House of Representatives, District 51.

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